Do I have to use the website to order?

If you would prefer to order by phone or email, contact us with your details and we will be happy to help you.

Delivery/Pick Up – Do you charge for delivery?

Pick up from Peel is FREE. Delivery by post or carrier can be arranged and the cost will be added to the final price. Email or call us to get a quote.

How do I upload a photo, an image or my completed design? / What format is required?

Use the upload facility on each page and in the ‘add to cart’ process.

We can use JPEG photos with a size from 20kb to 25MB. NB Please be aware that your image may need to be cropped to fit.

What is the minimum resolution for a decent quality print?

Generally the bigger the original image file, the better it will look when printed. (If you enlarge a relatively small image file, the loss of quality will be noticeable.) A 5MB file is more than sufficient for our products.

What is the production turnaround time for my order?

We aim to produce your order within 5 working days – larger orders may take a little longer. Please note that turnaround times can be affected during peak times eg Easter, Christmas, Mother’s Day.

How do I contact smallPRINT?

You can get in touch with us by either: Phone – 07624 331970 or by Email – [email protected]. We aim to respond to your email enquiry within one working day if possible.

Can I use any photo or image which I choose on my printed item?

You may use an image or photo of your choice PROVIDED that copyright is owned by you or permission to use it has been granted to you, eg – We cannot use popular images like Disney characters or Popstar photos as it would breach copyright rules. We reserve the right to cancel the order in these circumstances unless an alternative image can be provided.